Scimago Graphica

Release notes

March 27, 2024

Added: Option to add shading between the lines of a line chart.

Added: Option to format the decimal and thousands separators in numeric labels.

Fixed: Custom colors in elements and ensure contrast in labels.

Fixed: Several issues with annotations and custom colors.

March 18, 2024

Added: In line charts, when adding custom colors, you can choose to apply it to the whole line or just to the data point.

Added: Edit the alias of the labels by double-clicking on them.

Improved: How borders in stacked area charts are displayed.

Improved: Annotations without lines can now move freely.

Improved: Dividing lines between different levels stacked in rose or sunburst diagrams have been removed.

Fixed: Custom colors and annotations in alluvial diagrams and pie charts.

Fixed: Since the previous update, the automatic positioning of labels had stopped working when the avoid overlapping algorithm was applied.

March 4, 2024

Added: Support for Pajek NET files.

Added: Option to add images to circular and rectangular marks, loading the images from a URL.

Added: Option to map the opacity of labels by mark size.

Added: Control to reduce the amount of labels displayed.

Added: Option to show the zero line on quantitative axes.

Added: Option to choose which labels to display on a date axis.

Improved: Compatibility with graphml and gexf files.

Improved: How borders and annotations are displayed in the area charts.

Improved: How area charts with negative values are displayed.

Improved: How stepline charts are displayed.

Improved: How curved line charts with empty values are displayed.

Improved: How the axes are displayed in small multiples.

Improved: How word clouds are displayed.

Fixed: Custom colors in area charts.

Fixed: Bug editing multiple annotations.

Fixed: Bug in the placement of labels on maps with auto focus zoom.

February 1, 2024

Added: Option to map by area, not just radius, the quantitative size variable in rose charts.

Added: Options to add suffixes to web links, and to convert categorical axis labels to links.

Added: Option to use abbreviations of thousands, millions and billions in the numerical labels (Label property), not only in the axis labels.

Added: Option to add two reference lines X and Y at the same time (average, median and constant).

Improved: How pie or rose charts are drawn when they have only one sector.

Fixed: Bug in filtering by exclusion in categorical variables

Fixed: Position of nodes when the overlap avoidance algorithm is applied when there is only one node.

Fixed: Issue with element highlighting when hovering over it.

Fixed: Minor bug in ‘avoid overlap’ layout.

Fixed: Issue when binding variables with all their values negative to area.

December 23, 2023

Improved: By default, if auto zoom is enabled, the zoom area is restricted.

Fixed: When closing a project window without saving, the closing prevention had stopped working.

Fixed: UI minor bugs.

Fixed: Axis synchronization bug.

Fixed: Bug when changing the size of the view in the page setup.

Fixed: Minor bug in histograms.

December 8, 2023

Added: In the zoomable charts, pinch zooming is now also possible.

Added: Numeric labels now include the thousands separator character.

Added: A minimum and a maximum can be set for quantitative color schemes.

Improved: How the options window of a variable linked to a visual property is displayed.

Improved: Performance.

Fixed: When the "Highlight elements on hover" option was enabled and the mouse pointer left the chart area, sometimes the last highlight was not cleared.

Fixed: Legend position bug.

Fixed: Label position in area charts.

August 1, 2023

Added: Treemap+graph edges.

Added: New forms of edges in graphs.

Added: Option “Use the same size as marks” in labels.

Added: Option to change the color of the categories by right clicking on the color legend.

Improved: From this version, the positions of the nodes of a network are saved, until a different layout is chosen.

Improved: Performance.

Fixed: Bug with null values in Date variables.

Fixed: Bug with axis interactive filters and small multiples.

May 22, 2023

Added: New option for text annotations.

Added: Option to hide legend titles.

Added: New type of arrow-shaped edge in node-link graphs.

Improved: Custom colors in line charts now apply to the entire line.

Improved: How grid lines are displayed.

Improved: How curved edges are displayed.

Improved: Better adaptation of long labels or labels with multiple line breaks in treemaps.

Fixed: Redo and undo variable name changes.

Fixed: Bug with interactive filters on area charts.

Fixed: When renaming a variable, the change was not propagated correctly to the different views.

Fixed: The option to avoid overlapping between labels did not work when there were many labels.

Fixed: How date labels are displayed on the axis.

Fixed: Layout problems when exporting to HTML for publishing.

Fixed: The chart title now adapts to the available width.

Fixed: Position of axis labels.

Fixed: Drag and drop graph nodes on touch screens.

March 22, 2023

Fixed: Aggregation error in bar and area charts with multiple categorical subdivisions.

Fixed: Auto-zoom in filled maps.

March 21, 2023

Fixed: Copy and paste did not work on Mac.

Fixed: Combination of custom colors and labels that use the same color as the marks.

Fixed: Wrong position of the marks in the legend when exporting to PNG.

Fixed: Special characters were not displayed correctly when exporting to PNG.

March 15, 2023

Fixed: Error saving projects.

March 14, 2023

Improved: Performance of the desktop application.

March 13, 2023

Added: Option to set custom colors on individual marks (right-click menu).

Improved: How labels are arranged on horizontal axes. Axis labels are no longer hidden when they overlap with other labels.

Fixed: Issues with annotations in charts with multiple quantitative axes.

Fixed: Issues when processing .edges files.

Fixed: Issues with axis positioning.

Fixed: Errors when HTML tags are malformed in labels.

Fixed: Vertical alignment of text labels in Safari.

March 6, 2023

Added: Option to format labels using HTML tags.

Fixed: Problems in reference lines positioning.

Fixed: Tick marks position in alluvial diagrams.

Fixed: Issue with date formats.

February 21, 2023

Added: Diverging color schemes for quantitative variables.

Added: Stepped gradients for quantitative variables.

Improved: Menu in Mac.

Fixed: Position of the legends when a chart title has been added.

Fixed: Problems opening projects.

February 9, 2023

Added: Options for relative position of grid lines with respect to labels on categorical variable axes.

Added: Responsive bubble charts. The maximum size of the circles now depends on the viewport size. The option to disable this responsive size has also been added.

Improved: Aesthetics of size legends.

Improved: Microinteractions.

Fixed: System fonts sometimes failed to load.

Fixed: Some colors were not exported correctly to PNG.

Fixed: The default font (Inter) was not specified in the file when exporting to SVG.

November 22, 2022

Added: Option to reload/replace the dataset.

Added: Option to export the dataset.

Improved: User Interface.

Fixed: In Linux, the windows for opening or saving files were not displayed as modal windows.

October 6, 2022

Added: Support for maps with state/province division.

Added: Edit values in the data table.

Added: The data table shows which countries or states have not been recognized and offers suggestions when editing these values.

Added: More options to customize maps.

Added: Combining multiple sorting of the data is now possible.

Improved: Redesign of sparklines displayed in the header of the loaded data table.

Improved: It is now possible to define a maximum number of links to be displayed in networks (default 2000). This improves performance when working with large networks.

Improved: Visibility of text labels inside bars.

Improved: The auto-zoom property (in maps) is now enabled by default, and is independent of whether the user enables the zoom control (in interactions).

Fixed: Map layout with categorical variables bound to the X-axis or the Y-axis.

Fixed: The links disappeared when more than one variable was used as a filter in node-link graphs.

Fixed: Errors in the initial positions of map annotations.

Fixed: Incorrect operation of the LinLog algorithm in the initial positioning of the nodes.

Fixed: When opening a project by double-clicking on the file, the last of the views was not displayed successfully until it was resized.

Fixed: Auto-zoom+Contiguous cartogram.

Fixed: Minor bugs when the reference line uses a constant value.

August 17, 2022

Added: Option to edit the label alias by right-clicking on it.

Improved: Label positioning in stacked bar charts.

Fixed: ‘Highlight on hover’ interactions in word clouds.

Fixed: Interactive axis filters were not displayed in some layouts.

Fixed: Minor issues on grid lines.

Fixed: ‘Avoid overlap’ algorithm did not work correctly with some complex layouts.

July 1, 2022

Added: Option to easily choose between different qualitative color palettes.

Added: Option for highlight elements with the same color on hover, and option to set the opacity of the non-highlighted elements.

Added: Option to switch variables between axes with a single click.

Improved: Alluvial diagrams use the sorting of the variable assigned to color, if a specific sorting has been defined.

Fixed: Problems to receive events on marks that had been previously hidden by interactive filters.

Fixed: Multiple issues concerning axis labeling.

Fixed: Multiple issues concerning small multiples.

Fixed: Reference lines did not work right on dual-axis charts.

Fixed: Problem of alluvial diagrams with null values.

June 22, 2022

Added: New type of reference lines: Moving Average

Improved: Performance of projects with several views.

Fixed: Regression lines with multiple quantitative variables.

Fixed: Area plot issues on matrix charts.

Fixed: Reference line placement errors.

Fixed: Tab order issues.

Fixed: Labeling placement on axes.

Fixed: Box plot issues on charts with multiple quantitative variables.

Fixed: Area charts issues on small multiple.

Fixed: Rose diagrams issues on small multiple.

June 3, 2022

Improved: Nice quantitative scales.

Fixed: Great circle edges cannot be combined with small multiples.

Fixed: Border application issues on line type marks.

Fixed: Labels overlapped when exporting to PNG Retina.

Fixed: Filter issues in graphs.

Fixed: Display of the box plots when the scale of the quantitative axis is limited.

May 30, 2022

Improved: Several issues related to alluvial diagrams, like use of color, date aggregation, padding, borders and reversed axes.

May 24, 2022

Added: Alluvial diagrams.

Added: Option to set row and column padding.

Fixed: Position issues in parallel coordinate charts.

Fixed: Issues combining small multiples and parallel coordinate.

Fixed: In the table view 0 values sometimes displayed as null.

Fixed: Errors when adding annotations.

Fixed: ‘Distribution plot in front’ was not working.

Fixed: Label positioning issues on vertical axes.

Fixed: Issues on charts with 3 or 4 axes.

Fixed: Error combining area/line charts and small multiples.

April 13, 2022

Added: New layout option “Map+Avoid overlap”

Added: Option of displaying hierarchical relationships between categorical variables.

Added: Option to set the exact width and height of the viewport.

Improved: Aesthetic appearance of edges when using rectangular marks.

Improved: Performance displaying distribution plots

Fixed: Overlapping text labels when exporting to PNG or SVG.

Fixed: Undo/Redo issues.

Fixed: Graph layout issues in different rows or columns.

Fixed: Issues on multiple axis placement.

Fixed: The alphabetical sorting of categories was case sensitive and did not work well with accented letters.

Fixed: When exporting to PNG, the chart title was cut off.

Fixed: Prefixes and suffixes in the format of the numeric labels on the axes.

March 8, 2022

Added: Option to define aliases for axis and legend labels by right-clicking.

Added: Option to edit axis, legend and chart titles by right clicking.

March 2, 2022

Added: Option to set the opacity of the elements filtered by the interactive filter.

Fixed: When an item was filtered by interactive filtering it was still actionable.

Fixed: Reference line position errors in charts with multiple variables in different columns or in different rows.

Fixed: URL encoding errors when adding links to the chart.

Fixed: Interactive filters for quantitative and date variables did not work.

December 10, 2021

Added: Options that make it easier to create divergent charts.

Improved: Placement of text labels inside the bars.

Fixed: Minor bugs in edge-bundling.

Fixed: Errors when displaying area and flow charts.

November 30, 2021

Added: Edge bundling option.

Added: Edges as Great circles routes.

Added: In dual-axis charts, it is now possible to choose custom size and opacity of the marks.

Added: Synchronize scales between multiple quantitative axes.

Improved: Default layout.

Improved: Nice scales.

Improved: The use of WebGL slowed down the application, so it has been discontinued.

Fixed: Some problems with map projection accuracy.

November 1, 2021

Added: New option in Distribution plot: convex hull

Added: New label placement option: radial

Added: Option to set distance between marks in ‘Avoid overlap’ layout.

Added: Option to disable spatial boundaries in ‘Avoid overlap’ layout.

Added: New option for reference lines: constants.

Added: (partial) support for importing GEXF files.

Added: Option to choose font, font size and font color in legends.

Improved: On the maps, marks whose geoposition is not known are now not shown.

Improved: Geoposition of CAN.

Fixed: Vertical alignment of text labels in Safari.

Fixed: Opacity property in labels.

Fixed: Bug in the combination of interactive filters and distribution plots or reference lines.

Fixed: Background color problem when small multiples, graph layout and background elements are used at the same time.

Fixed: Node position problem when small multiples and ‘Avoid overlaps’ layout or ‘Default’ layout are used at the same time.

Fixed: Node size problem when small multiples and background elements are used at the same time.

Fixed: Interactive filter problem when small multiples and background elements are used at the same time.

Fixed: Position of arrowheads on line charts.

October 5, 2021

Fixed: Bug when importing graphml files.

October 5, 2021

Added: Option to use time variables.

Improved: Performance.

Improved: Selection of which labels are shown and which are hidden to avoid overlaps in charts with interactive filters.

Improved: If the option ‘highlight elements on hover’ is enabled in a network in which the edges are hidden, their linked nodes are now also visually highlighted.

Fixed: Positioning of labels on choropleth maps.

Fixed: The text of the tooltips sometimes overflowed out of the box.

Fixed: Issues with interactive date filters.

Fixed: Bug when renaming variables.

Fixed: Calculation errors when selecting minimum and maximum as line marks included in line charts.

Fixed: Issues with placement of marks on line charts.

Fixed: Issues with labeling placement in bar charts.

September 13, 2021

Added: Option to create visualizations with variable size of labels, such as word clouds.

Added: Option to choose the opacity of the labels.

Improved: Bubble chart layout algorithm (Avoid overlap)

Improved: Graph Modeling Language (GML) compatibility.

Fixed: Issues in the visual display of independent reference lines.

Fixed: Wrong positioning of labels on Treemaps.

Fixed: Problems retrieving string values that used double-quote characters in CSV

Fixed: Issues with fonts in sunburst labeling.

Fixed: Issues when using the computed frequency variable as a filter variable.

September 1, 2021

Improved: Density maps are recalculated when the user zooms in and out.

Improved: Label arrangement in legends.

Fixed: Aggregation function selector in the clustering parameters.

Fixed: Tooltip bug in cartograms.

Fixed: Tooltip bug in polar charts.

Fixed: The radar plots had stopped working when a categorical variable was linked to 'color'.

Fixed: Bug in matrix plots.

Fixed: Placement of the annotation icon on area charts.

August 11, 2021

Added: Option to create line charts with two quantitative axes (X and Y).

Improved: Tooltips and annotations in area charts.

Fixed: Issues in Rose charts.

Fixed: Errors in the sorting of axis categories in charts using bar-type marks.

July 8, 2021

Added: New network layout option: circular layout.

Fixed: Quantitative axis issues in dual-axis charts with small multiples.

Fixed: Errors in bar charts when a connection variable other than the default was selected.

Fixed: Zoom controls stopped working after the 1.0.6 update.

Fixed: Title and label positioning issues on vertical axes.

July 5, 2021

Added: The option of combining more than one type of mark on the same view.

Added: Dual-Axis charts.

Added: The option to export chart data to CSV.

Added: The option to customize or switch off the abbreviations used for thousands, millions and billions on the chart axes.

Improved: The limit on the height and width of charts has been removed.

Improved: Performance when saving a project.

Improved: User interface design.

Fixed: Annotations were not retrieved successfully when loading a project.

Fixed: Labeling positioning and alignment issues in line charts, bar charts and treemaps.

Fixed: Error when using the Alpha visual property in Treeemaps.

Fixed: Error of interactive filters with null-valued variables.

Fixed: Issues with the use of quantitative variables associated with the visual property of color in line, area and radar charts.

Fixed: Reference line problems with graphs with multiple quantitative variables on different axes.

Fixed: Issues with background marks when they were used in different charts in the same project.

Fixed: Issue with axis titles when used in small multiples.

June 2, 2021

Added: Charts with one categorical variable on the Y-axis, and multiple quantitative variables on the X-axis (or vice versa).

Added: A new type of grid line: bands.

Added: Alignment option (left, right and center) for axis titles.

Added: Option to duplicate views using the right mouse click on the tab.

Fixed: Problem of interactive filters on date axes.

Fixed: The labels on small multiples were sometimes cut off at the top.

Fixed: Legend placement problems.

May 19, 2021

First alpha version released