Scimago Graphica

Release notes

November 30, 2021

Added: Edge bundling option.

Added: Edges as Great circles routes.

Added: In dual-axis charts, it is now possible to choose custom size and opacity of the marks.

Added: Synchronize scales between multiple quantitative axes.

Improved: Default layout.

Improved: Nice scales.

Improved: The use of WebGL slowed down the application, so it has been discontinued.

Fixed: Some problems with map projection accuracy.

November 1, 2021

Added: New option in Distribution plot: convex hull

Added: New label placement option: radial

Added: Option to set distance between marks in ‘Avoid overlap’ layout.

Added: Option to disable spatial boundaries in ‘Avoid overlap’ layout.

Added: New option for reference lines: constants.

Added: (partial) support for importing GEXF files.

Added: Option to choose font, font size and font color in legends.

Improved: On the maps, marks whose geoposition is not known are now not shown.

Improved: Geoposition of CAN.

Fixed: Vertical alignment of text labels in Safari.

Fixed: Opacity property in labels.

Fixed: Bug in the combination of interactive filters and distribution plots or reference lines.

Fixed: Background color problem when small multiples, graph layout and background elements are used at the same time.

Fixed: Node position problem when small multiples and ‘Avoid overlaps’ layout or ‘Default’ layout are used at the same time.

Fixed: Node size problem when small multiples and background elements are used at the same time.

Fixed: Interactive filter problem when small multiples and background elements are used at the same time.

Fixed: Position of arrowheads on line charts.

October 5, 2021

Fixed: Bug when importing graphml files.

October 5, 2021

Added: Option to use time variables.

Improved: Performance.

Improved: Selection of which labels are shown and which are hidden to avoid overlaps in charts with interactive filters.

Improved: If the option ‘highlight elements on hover’ is enabled in a network in which the edges are hidden, their linked nodes are now also visually highlighted.

Fixed: Positioning of labels on choropleth maps.

Fixed: The text of the tooltips sometimes overflowed out of the box.

Fixed: Issues with interactive date filters.

Fixed: Bug when renaming variables.

Fixed: Calculation errors when selecting minimum and maximum as line marks included in line charts.

Fixed: Issues with placement of marks on line charts.

Fixed: Issues with labeling placement in bar charts.

September 13, 2021

Added: Option to create visualizations with variable size of labels, such as word clouds.

Added: Option to choose the opacity of the labels.

Improved: Bubble chart layout algorithm (Avoid overlap)

Improved: Graph Modeling Language (GML) compatibility.

Fixed: Issues in the visual display of independent reference lines.

Fixed: Wrong positioning of labels on Treemaps.

Fixed: Problems retrieving string values that used double-quote characters in CSV

Fixed: Issues with fonts in sunburst labeling.

Fixed: Issues when using the computed frequency variable as a filter variable.

September 1, 2021

Improved: Density maps are recalculated when the user zooms in and out.

Improved: Label arrangement in legends.

Fixed: Aggregation function selector in the clustering parameters.

Fixed: Tooltip bug in cartograms.

Fixed: Tooltip bug in polar charts.

Fixed: The radar plots had stopped working when a categorical variable was linked to 'color'.

Fixed: Bug in matrix plots.

Fixed: Placement of the annotation icon on area charts.

August 11, 2021

Added: Option to create line charts with two quantitative axes (X and Y).

Improved: Tooltips and annotations in area charts.

Fixed: Issues in Rose charts.

Fixed: Errors in the sorting of axis categories in charts using bar-type marks.

July 8, 2021

Added: New network layout option: circular layout.

Fixed: Quantitative axis issues in dual-axis charts with small multiples.

Fixed: Errors in bar charts when a connection variable other than the default was selected.

Fixed: Zoom controls stopped working after the 1.0.6 update.

Fixed: Title and label positioning issues on vertical axes.

July 5, 2021

Added: The option of combining more than one type of mark on the same view.

Added: Dual-Axis charts.

Added: The option to export chart data to CSV.

Added: The option to customize or switch off the abbreviations used for thousands, millions and billions on the chart axes.

Improved: The limit on the height and width of charts has been removed.

Improved: Performance when saving a project.

Improved: User interface design.

Fixed: Annotations were not retrieved successfully when loading a project.

Fixed: Labeling positioning and alignment issues in line charts, bar charts and treemaps.

Fixed: Error when using the Alpha visual property in Treeemaps.

Fixed: Error of interactive filters with null-valued variables.

Fixed: Issues with the use of quantitative variables associated with the visual property of color in line, area and radar charts.

Fixed: Reference line problems with graphs with multiple quantitative variables on different axes.

Fixed: Issues with background marks when they were used in different charts in the same project.

Fixed: Issue with axis titles when used in small multiples.

June 2, 2021

Added: Charts with one categorical variable on the Y-axis, and multiple quantitative variables on the X-axis (or vice versa).

Added: A new type of grid line: bands.

Added: Alignment option (left, right and center) for axis titles.

Added: Option to duplicate views using the right mouse click on the tab.

Fixed: Problem of interactive filters on date axes.

Fixed: The labels on small multiples were sometimes cut off at the top.

Fixed: Legend placement problems.

May 19, 2021

First alpha version released